Kebabs- Grills Menu

On the Historical Peninsula we bring you together with the Turkish Cuisine’s tastes.

Kebabs – Grills

Grilled Meat Balls

Grilled Chicken Cutlet

Kebab with Nut

Mixed Kebab

Mixed Kebab

For 2 People

Chiken Wing Shish

Eggplant Kebab

Tomato Kebab

Rolled Minced Meat with Garlic Kebab

Meat in the Oven

Chicken in the Oven

Adana Shish Kebab / Minced Meat with Pepper Shish

Urfa Shish Kebab / Minced Meat Shish

Chicken Shish Kebab

Lamb Shish Kebab

Beef Shish Kebab

Liver Shish Kebab